Wide range of studies

Studies at Alkio College are mainly offered in Finnish.

Detailed information about studies at Alkio College can be found on the Finnish website.

Alkio College is a folk high school located in the Jyväskylä area, on Lake Päijänne. We offer students Open University studies and Open University of Applied Sciences Studies in several fields of science, in about 30 different subjects.

The following fields can be studied at Alkio College:
•    Education and psychology
•    History and languages
•    Health education and natural sciences
•    Society and economy

Studies for immigrants

If you are an immigrant living in Finland: at Alkio you study with other students in the study program you have chosen and get training and instruction for your college studies. Additionally, you complete studies in academic Finnish, especially in academic writing. You may choose other studies from the wide range that Alkio College offers. As an immigrant student, you can also apply for a study voucher to finance your studies.

More information for immigrants in Finnish.